Finding the best mattress for your sleep position can be a daunting task. Whether you like to slumber while curled into a ball or stretched diagonally across the bed, your choice is deeply personal. Spending only a few moments in the store trying to figure out which mattress is right for you is usually not enough. Folklore says that your sleeping positon provides hints to your personality type. Medical experts, on the other hand, say that sleeping on a bad bed will make you grumpy in the morning. Read on for some tips for choosing the bed that best suits your sleep style.

If You Sleep on Your Back

Back sleepers are said to be disciplined and reserved with high expectations for themselves and others. Back sleepers also tend to suffer from lower back pain, and a firm mattress can exacerbate the problem. Look for a mattress at that is well padded, such as a pillow top or plush style. The key is to have adequate support to reduce muscle strain, but not so much that your spine is flattened out. Innerspring styles and sets that include a box spring are ideal for you.

If You Sleep on Your Side

They say that side sleepers are easy-going and conscientious. Experts agree that sleeping on your side is the most kind to your body, allowing your spine and joints to be naturally aligned. As such, side sleepers need a mattress that conforms to the body’s shape. For this reason, memory foam is often considered the best option for side sleepers. Euro-top or pillow-top mattresses are also effective for side sleepers, as are most types of soft and supportive mattresses. If a soft style isn’t your favorite, you can also try a medium level of firmness. If you go much harder than medium, however, you may find yourself stiff and creaky come morning.

If You Sleep on Your Stomach

Stomach sleepers are said to be outgoing and confident, but experts believe that this position can also cause back and neck problems. Unfortunately, stomach sleepers are a diehard bunch, refusing to consider a change because, well, it’s just so darn comfortable. If you are a stomach sleeper, you need a bed with medium firmness. This way, your torso will have support, but your spine will not arch too much. Stomach sleepers with back pain should consider a different pillow. Especially thick or unstable pillows place extra pressure on your body, disrupting spinal alignment. Memory foam pillows provide the most effective head and neck support if you prefer to sleep face-down.

Whatever your sleep style, choosing the right mattress set is the key to feeling good and being productive during the day. If you awake tired and grumpy each morning, dragging yourself out of bed and slogging through the day, chances are you aren’t getting enough restful sleep. Visit your local mattress warehouse or retail outlet and spend some time with a sleep expert. When you find the right mattress for your sleep positon and style, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the energy and enthusiasm you awake with each day.